Reigning Parade Recording #2 Scheduled with the HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE

THIS JUST IN… The second recording for Reigning Parade will take place June 11, 2012 and it will feature Vancouver band THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE.

Featuring original songs by the leader, James Danderfer (pictured above), this powerful 11-piece band combines modern jazz, funk and New Orleans brass band music (including group singing) “in the best way possible.” The music is fun and exciting but also rich with melody, bold improvising and sophisticated harmonies. And this is exactly what Reigning Parade is trying to produce more of: “multi-level” music if you will, music which connects with the soul and mind, engaging enough to get up and dance to, deep/nuanced enough to just sit and listen to.

Sounds pretty good right?!

If you want to see the band live (and trust us, you do!), they’ll be playing a pre-recording weekend gig at Vancouver’s The Cellar jazz club on JUNE 8/9, visit here for more info.

(above photo by Jesse Cahill)

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