Reigning Parade reviews ‘Swingin’ at the Patricia’

May 21, 2012

Thank heavens! A review of the ‘Swingin’ at the Patricia’ has been delivered at last! And what’s more?… they really liked it!

Reigning Parade
loves to see favourable reviews of our releases, but it means that much more to us when the reviewer seems to have listened to the release a few times and really “gets” the feeling that we hoped the music would project.

Review can be found here.

Thanks to Greg Victor at for taking the time.


May 9, 2012

Couple new videos online of the THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE‘s show at Pat’s Pub a couple weeks ago. Check them out on our video page HERE or through YouTube here and here. Enjoy!

Reigning Parade Recording #2 Scheduled with the HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE

May 2, 2012

THIS JUST IN… The second recording for Reigning Parade will take place June 11, 2012 and it will feature Vancouver band THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE.

Featuring original songs by the leader, James Danderfer (pictured above), this powerful 11-piece band combines modern jazz, funk and New Orleans brass band music (including group singing) “in the best way possible.” The music is more…