1 Record In the Can… So Far So Good!

Canada’s newest record label Reigning Parade is well under foot. The CD release party went down last night with The James Danderfer Trio performing music from the album Swingin’ at the Patricia in Vancouver’s historic Pat’s Pub. Music was played, people danced, and an important part of Vancouver’s cultural history was brought back to life.

What history? you ask…

For the complete story you can watch Reigning Parade’s first short film here explaining the story and inspiration behind the music. This is part of the Reigning Parade mission, to bring listeners into the world of the artist and offer a better understanding of where the music comes from.


(James Danderfer’s “Swingin’ at the Patricia” can be found on iTunes, CDbaby,… yeah, pretty much everywhere)

above photo by Vincent Lim

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