Reigning Parade

Reigning Parade short film #1 … Swingin’ at the Patricia

March 29, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the first Reigning Parade video to accompany the first Reigning Parade music release!

Why is this necessary you ask?

It’s not.

The music speaks for itself just fine, but part of our mission is using media to offer listeners a window into the world of the artist and into their inspiration. This desire comes from the simple premise that the more you know about something, the more you appreciate it. Whether it’s food, wine, music or drywalling,… the more you understand it, the deeper your experience. (Ok, maybe not drywalling. But you get the idea) more…

Cory Weeds talks about the record label biz.

March 20, 2012

Welcome to another edition of the Reigning Parade blog!

Here to talk about the future of the indie jazz record label business is club-owner/record-label-owner/promoter/saxophonist Cory Weeds.

Interview begins… NOW

RP: Welcome Weeds! First question is multiple choice. How do you feel about the arrival of Reigning Parade on the scene? a.) threatened or b.) extremely threatened?

CW: Oh come on man! Neither. Option c.) excited!

RP: Is the CD going to die?

CW: Yes.

RP: When? Tell us when!

CW: As soon as the generation of people age 50 and above stop buying them. Our generation can at least grasp the MP3 concept, my Dad’s generation can’t really. As far as mass consumption goes, the CD was done more…

1 Record In the Can… So Far So Good!

March 10, 2012

Canada’s newest record label Reigning Parade is well under foot. The CD release party went down last night with The James Danderfer Trio performing music from the album Swingin’ at the Patricia in Vancouver’s historic Pat’s Pub. Music was played, people danced, and an important part of Vancouver’s cultural history was brought back to life.

What history? you ask…

For the complete story you can watch Reigning Parade’s first short film here explaining the story and more…

1st album “Swingin’ at the Patricia” available MARCH 9 everywhere… online that is.

March 4, 2012

REIGNING PARADE’s first album is almost here. We’re kicking things off in a classic jazz bent with The James Danderfer Trio album “Swingin’ at the Patricia.” James’ trio, with Miles Black (piano) and Joe Poole (drums) offers a fresh take on a style/instrumentation made famous by the Jelly Roll Morton trio as well as the Benny Goodman trio.

For those of you not from Vancouver, the “Patricia” is a historic hotel that housed the genius (and possibly the outright creator) of jazz music, Jelly Roll Morton, from 1919-1921. James’ trio pays tribute to this little part of Vancouver’s history and the resulting album is fun and beautiful.

The release party will be held…



Click here to listen to a few tracks of the new album. Click here to see some videos of the trio.

See you there!