Welcome to the beginning…

Hello, my name is James Danderfer, and I am proud to present REIGNING PARADE, Canada’s newest record label (well, newest at the time of this writing anyways).

The impetus behind this new label was to release a wide variety of my own musical projects under one umbrella, and more importantly, to release them the way I want to. To find out what that means, you’ll have to wait just 2 short months as releases will begin this February, 2012 starting with my Jelly Roll Morton inspired trio project, and followed by my electroacoustic project: Quiet Hammer

More than ever, the music world is an ever-changing landscape. At the same time, my musical path continues to evolve. Basically, what I’m saying is… I’m not sure yet what form Reigning Parade will take as time passes and I try out some ideas I’ve had for a looong time. At the core of it, I know what I/we produce will be entertaining, informative, and above all, inspired.

For now, the best way to stay tuned to what we’re doing is to follow us on facebook, here.

Thanks for your interest. JD

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